Hdmoviedownload Eyekepper 5-Pack Straight Thin Stamped Metal Frame Half-eye Style Reading Glasses Readers Gunmetal +1.5:Hdmoviedownload
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Eyekepper 5-Pack Straight Thin Stamped Metal Frame Half-eye Style Reading Glasses Readers Gunmetal +1.5:Hdmoviedownload

Eyekepper Published in October 20, 2018, 8:04 am
 Eyekepper 5-Pack Straight Thin Stamped Metal Frame Half-eye Style Reading Glasses Readers Gunmetal +1.5:Hdmoviedownload

Eyekepper 5-Pack Straight Thin Stamped Metal Frame Half-eye Style Reading Glasses Readers Gunmetal +1.5:Hdmoviedownload

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Testaclese_the_tautologist Reply to on 24 May 2017
Excellent specs, the hinge seems more robust than those on other readers that I have owned. I get through an unnatural number of specs as I tend to sit on them, bend them, drop them and generally abuse them. These have definitely outlived others that I have managed to destroy. Also the price is right :-)....... UPDATE: I have now had these specs for nine months and amazingly they are all still in one piece. This is unprecedented, as I usually manage to destroy reading glasses long before now. These seem to be made of something considerably more resilient than my previous readers. WOW.
Mark Chisholm
Mark Chisholm Reply to on 27 May 2016
Whilst not really needing reading glasses at my tender age in deference to those who might I thought it a good idea to get some........

Actually the bottom line is that my wife and I use them once in a while when eyes are tired or light isn't good and have found that we prefer the scattergun approach to glasses rather than assiduously make sure we have a pair with us at all times. I usually keep a couple of pairs in my workshop and usually side tables and coffee tables have a pair lying on them. We find this convenient and easy as 99% of the time neither of us requires glasses so inevitably we don't have the habit of keeping a pair with us.

So I buy cheapo glasses that cost not much and can be left and lost without wallet busting pain, hence my purchase of these. Which are pretty good even considering that they come in at less than two quid a pair.

Optically they are perfect for me at 1.25X when doing fiddly work. Style wise they are fairly innocuous and quickly un-noticed. That's fine by me. Quality is actually not bad for such cheap items with the frames being solid enough and straight with lenses that appear to be clear and distortion free.

Bottom line is that these are so cheap and so good for the money that they are a no-brainer if you want a bunch of reading glasses to hand.
Red Devil
Red Devil Reply to on 25 November 2014
Great value, could have done with a case, but they are light when wearing them. To ensure you have the correct strength go to any of a number of websites that have an eye test sheet, print it off hold 12" from you and test your own eye condition. Easy.
R. L. Armitage
R. L. Armitage Reply to on 27 October 2016
Excellent glasses, excellent value.
I find it works well for me tor have a number of glasses around. I use predominantly 2 different strengths - 3 for book reading, 2 for computer work. Having 2 sets of 5 (2 different colours) means I can have 2 or 3 sets around the house and still a couple of spares.No worries about leaving a pair somewhere. 2 sets of 5 for £10 per set including delivery. Can't go wrong on value. They do some different styles, too. Eyekepper are a good group, although I wonder if the Chinese intended the company name in English to be Eyekeeper - and suffered from the usual spelling errors :-)
Jonathan Reply to on 9 January 2015
These glasses have a great price but they are much smaller than I expected. Probably okay for a short amount of time but for long periods on a computer I don't really like the way they cut off half my vision around the edges. I'm going to look for something a bit bigger where I can't see the edges so easily.
E. L. Wisty
E. L. Wisty Reply to on 19 December 2016
Well they're not the most stylish frames by any means but they do the job and are perfectly functional reading glasses. At just a couple of quid each you can't complain, they're effectively disposable at that price so no matter if you lose one, and with five in the pack you can keep one handy in many places and/or have spares if you do lose some.

I got +1.75's which are stronger than my current +1.5 prescription glasses, as the latter seem to be not always quite good enough anymore and I wasn't quite ready to fork out more cash for new expensive opticians glasses so soon after my current ones. I didn't feel that they were that much stronger than my +1.5's so I'm not sure how precise the strength of these are, but they're good enough for the moment. However again at a couple of quid each you can't argue and it's no great outlay to get a pack at the next level up when necessary.
Naomi Reply to on 7 January 2017
These glasses are amazing value for money as they are very good quality and low price.. this style gives that 'barely there' look as the frames are nice and light..Good springy arms...Of course use a glasses case to protect them if you're putting them in you're handbag.. they suit and fit my husband and myself.. I leave them all over the house for convenience.. many thanks to Eyekepper for another great product..
Dixon Reply to on 2 August 2016
Nice looking, fit well [ The temple dims suit my big head ] but a little concerned that the lens are a little loose in the frames.
I personally love the nose bridges very comfortable and not those wobbly ones that break off or the screws fall out and that leave marks on the nose.
I refuse to pay the earth for reading glasses as I'm always breaking them, the price for these are so good that I gave a standby stock to cope with my clumsiness! :-)
I wait to see if they last longer than my ASDA's two pairs for £2 whose temple arms are too small for me and last about two months
Dr. S. Maxfield
Dr. S. Maxfield Reply to on 11 August 2017
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these reading glasses. I haven't had them long enough to really test their robustness but they look well constructed from good quality materials. The lenses are clear and well-figured. The hinges are slightly stiff but I like this feature. The packaging is a bit minimal but adequate and they arrived undamaged. Note that they don't come with cases. This didn't bother me as I have plenty from now defunct or lost glasses.
Bigfoot Reply to on 4 April 2018
Mine arrive today.
They're well wrapped in plastic & the arms are a good fit.
Beware that he distance between nose pads seems wider than necessary so either be prepared to narrow the gap manually or otherwise compensate.
Because of this, they may not be suitable for people with a more narrow nose.
That said though, the're light, seem good lenses & while a little stiff right now, they work just fine.
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